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Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

Peter Mendia fires away on the Titanium

custom 6′2″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 5/16″ Proxy Titanium Series G-4.f [fulcrum]
Kevlar compression patch, Parabolic Stringers, Carbon Rails

Barrels are few and far between in the Sunshine State, unless of course your name is Peter Mendia and you’re surfing select South Florida reefbreaks on a regular basis.
Photo: Nicola Lugo


You know the epoxy Carbon Rail Titanium board, whatever it is you call this thing…. I gotta tell you a crazy thing about this board. I took it into some super heavy barrels right after I got it where I thought I had broken it for sure a few times, anyway… it did get a subtle crease on the bottom in the middle, but not out to the rail, just inside.

But I’ve been riding it all the time still for the last two months and it hasn’t affected the way it rides at all. It still works insane…. it hasn’t affected the flex or anything. Still real springy and lively. But I’m trippin’ because I’ve never ever had a board that gets creased right down the middle where it ends up that the board’s not just totally ruined.

How ever you set up the stringers and the carbon or whatever you do on the rails and how this thing is made it has kept the board from snapping and the buckle hasn’t gotten any worse. I haven’t even tried to fix it. I’ve just been riding it as it is.

People have even been coming up to me thinking I don’t know about it and telling me “wow man, did you see your board is buckled?” and I tell em “yea, I know, it doesn’t matter, it still rides great, you can’t even tell.”

So I thought that was pretty crazy and wanted to let you know.

Peter Mendia

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