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Performance wise, the Pavote, Monsta, and Apex are like an extension of my mind

This past Saturday was the April event for the SurfRide / CSF contest series in Oceanside. It was a beautiful day with amazing weather and a good crowd on hand to enjoy the event. The waves were waist / chest high and clean until around noon, then went pretty windy for the quarters onward throughout the afternoon.

I was all about the Monsta, Apex, and the little brother, the Pavote, during the higher tide.

These boards are such perfect complements with zero transition time when switching back and forth.

The Pavote flies across the flats and I was easily connecting sections with speed and flow where others were struggling and bogging.

Making it through to the inside for the big finishing maneuvers was the key to making the high tide heats and the Pavote never disappoints. I have to say again how much I love the extra hidden paddling foam in the chest area on each of the Monsta and Pavote. These are almost impossible to detect visually, but – WOW!! – is it noticable when you shift your weight forward. It’s so balanced, I can literally get my eyes over the nose of the board, weighting it perfectly for getting waves early.

Performance wise, the Pavote, Monsta, and Apex are like an extension of my mind – in my view, the perfect boards.

There is never a doubt that these designs are absolutely up for whatever the waves throw my way. These boards can be pushed so hard, go so vertical in such critical sections and just don’t slide out! I find myself drawing different lines (in a good way) – with so much confidence on these designs. I honestly tell everyone that these 3 should be staples in everyone’s quiver!! I ended the day in 2nd place, less than 1/2 a point from 1st. I fully credit the Monsta, Apex, and Pavote’s amazing designs for this victory!

Thanks so much for making such amazing crafts and God Bless!!

Paul Pence