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Overall I’ve got some great waves on the board and its really improved my surfing

Hey Todd, its been a while since we talked and since then I’ve got some magic waves on the SR-71. I’ve mostly been surfing Pismo, shell Beach and Morro Bay, but occasionally I’ve been able to make it out to Jalama but the swell has been pretty insignificant over the summer.

Overall I’ve got some great waves on the board and its really improved my surfing.

I’ve been looking at the Blackbird lately and I’ve wanted

another board in my quiver that would let me boost out of sections and really tear up the waves.

I was wondering if I could get an estimate on a custom 5’8 Blackbird with some sort of paint job that I’m not sure about yet. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again,

and thanks again for the sick SR-71.

-Robbie, Santa Maria, CA
Proxy Epoxy construction: SR-71
5’10” x 18″ x 2 1/8″ rounded squash tail



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