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Overall, best surfboard I’ve ever had!

My 6′-8″ Monsta chief is certainly my go to board for most days

curt-seymoreand as such a lot of my friends have asked about it in the water. Just like everyone says it catches waves easily and

at 57 years and 220 lbs helps me surf like a much younger man.

I’m in pretty decent shape for a guy my age and weight – nevertheless the well placed extra foam is a big help. This board is very loose and is tons of fun. I have experimented with various fins set ups and find I almost always prefer it as a thruster (3 fin).

  • For me it does get a little loose on the back end when the waves get well overhead with some punch.
  • That’s when I bring out my sleeked up round tail version which hold very nicely but of course isn’t as loose.
  • In smaller waves I much prefer the standard Monsta Chief.

When this one gets done, I will definitely order another. The only thing I will ask Todd about when I order a new one is if bringing in the the squash tail just a little at the very end would give just a little more hold in better surf or if that would change the ride up to much.

Honestly. This thing is pretty bulletproof so far. So unless something serious happens it won’t be necessary for to order new one in the near future.

Overall, best surfboard I’ve ever had!

Curt Seymore || 56/6’0″/220 lb/for Trestles, beach breaks, Nica & Mex

MonstChief  6’8″ x 22 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ squash [super-duty] Proxy epoxy
MonstaChief [sleeker] 6’8″ x 22″ x 3″ thumb [super-duty] Proxy epoxy




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