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Dang! Brand new Britt Merrick Twins today and OMG just gnar gnar fishtastical sweet flaky goodness. Still so early dating stage but I luv love LOVE this sleek blue beauty. Can’t see myself riding anything else for a bit.

Twins both Britt Merrick and Power Twin then also Split Keel quad all MONEY setups. It was heaving pretty good overhead at cliffs this morning and surprisingly the twinny held fast even across big broken sections. So fun and playful.

The Sleeker is a keeper!!!

Until we meet again in a few months for Sic Shooter Black Diamond edition. Be well. Thanks 1M.

Derek | 7’0″ x 23″ x 3 1/4″ #thesleekermonstafish

The Day Before:

Stoked surfer reports: this just in >> “I’m calling her The Blue Wahoo cuz she be lightning fast and toothy. And blue. Loving as a twin at the moment. FCS II Power Twin template not keels. As a quad just so much extra friction for a single fin fanatic like myself. I’m going to try as a split keel quad soon maybe that will free things up. But as a twinny it’s just absolutely fantastic. So fast, so so fast right from the gate, turns on command, free and flowy but not out of hand like some twins can be. Holds rail, sits in the pocket when needed, and all the tweaks for this version seem to outperform my prior two MonstaFishes in exactly the ways I’d hoped … and those other MFs you made for me were magical 10x over.

Still early trials BUT I’ll claim here and now The MF Sleeker is probably my 2nd favorite board you’ve shaped me so far, a runner-up to the Sic Shooter (that’s out of 10 or 11 customs I forget and they’re all top shelf so that’s a heavy crown).

Dropped into some bigger juicier walls yesterday never missed a step. Works great on smaller rolls waves too.

ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR ELEVATING MY SURFING. So much has changed since my first MonstaChief Titanium Rubix Cubism almost a decade ago I think it is now. And it keeps getting better!”
— Derek
Next morning … “Well, split keels work AMAZING! Head+ bombs at HB cliffs this morning and wow I was pushing hard.

So so so good. Freaking luv this board. Super pumped on it with those twins and now found a magic quad setup.

Yewfinity and BEYOND!”
7’0″ x 23″ x 3 1/4″ #thesleekermonstafish



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