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now that I have been blessed with finding you guys I feel rescued

todd ricci 6'7 g4 inverted fulcrum sr-71 outline

Well I just wanted to express my gratitude to both you and Todd.

After buying two boards over the past two years that are not for me, I feel vindicated. I have been frustrated for awhile now over the basic lack of the type of boards that I grew up with, and made me who I am in the water.

Regardless of what guys half my age ride,that is their beginning. It is tough when you go to shops all over and there is nothing comparable to the boards of the late eighties-90’s. I was riding a board that I bought 17 years ago, she’s rough – with two brand new ones that are way too small for my style of surfing.

It can really make you feel out of date,and old. But now that I have been blessed with finding you guys I feel rescued. I am ready for the next stage of my journey, thanks for helping me get the tools that I needed, you guys are Truly special,Todd……

6’7″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 11/16″ 37L G4 with SR-71 outline and inverted fulcrum rocker

Todd is age: 48 height: 6’0″ weight: 195 lb exp: since age 12 located in: Rhode Island


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