Custom Surfboards Built in Ventura, California since 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

Nick Rozsa // 5’10” SuperAbound/SR-71sequence // as seen on Surfline

Wild boy Rozsa does the Tazmanian blizzard jig somewhere round bout Ventura way // as seen on South Pacific Wake up Call // sequence: Paul Greene @salty_beards 5’10″#superaboundsurfboard / #sr71surfboard mix

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“We’ve had a tough month up here,” Ventura’s Nick Rosza said. “The water’s been really cold. April was pretty flat but over the past few days we got some fun waves. It’s been tough trying to find waves around here…been super windy. But spots that don’t normally break, start breaking and it’s fun to try and surf different spots.” Sequence: Paul Greene

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