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My two Proctors are for sure the best boards I’ve ever surfed!

Todd and Charissa,

I’ve been meaning to send this email for a while. I got my second Proctor shred stick from you guys back in December of 2012, a Rascal 2. My wife surprised me with it for Christmas (hacking into my computer to get the dims I wanted). It has worked super well! I got some super fun sessions on it back home in Northern California, and

it has been a lifesaver since I moved out here to North Carolina for grad school where the conditions are often less than desirable.

My first Proctor was a groveler 4.p back in 06 or 07 and it still works really well.

I love using it when the surf picks up a little bit.

My two Proctors are for sure the best boards I’ve ever surfed!

I’m grateful for the time and effort put into each board.

You guys are awesome and your whole process of ordering a board is definitely unique and individualized.

I always recommend Proctor when people talk to me about getting a new board.

I just wanted to send a couple pictures of my 16 month old daughter Leila that were taken the other day. She’s already getting stoked in the water and I’m sure we’ll be putting in an order for her first Proctor before we know it!

Take care!
Jeremy Evans || Ca / North Carolina || 23/5’11″/160 lb
Proxy Epoxy Rascal II 5’9″ x 19 7/8″ x 2 1/2″