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My skill level has jumped tenfold and my stoke even more!

Hey Todd and Charissa,
This is Jeff.

You guys customed me a lil’ rascal end of last season.

I just wanted to write you guys an email and let you know that so far this season it has been epic. The board rips, and is super fun. So glad my sister hooked that up.

My skill level has jumped tenfold

and my stoke even more!

Now on to business….
Within the next probably three to four months I am thinking about picking up a shortboard. With the results I had from dealing with Proctor I am for sure going to be getting it through you guys. The only thing I am unsure of is what exactly I am looking for. Like I said before my skill has jumped but I dont think I am out of the beginner woods just yet. Basically any info you could throw at me in regards to what I should be looking at would be awesome. No rush! I know you guys have a lot on your plates. I’m basically looking to keep developing skill wise, and step up to some bigger waves and bigger challenges.

I hope this email finds you both in good health, and better spirits.

Custom Proxy Epoxy Rascal: 6’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ swallow tail
Moriches, NY



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