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Love the paddle-power, love the speed, love the quick-turn responsiveness


I’ve surfed the 6’4” MonstaChief in several conditions over the last few weeks…and…wow, what a board!

  • Point-break (Leo)—once (2-3, occ4ft)
  • Beach-break—County Line, Pt Hueneme Beach (2-3ft)
  • Beach-break off Jetty’s—Salt Creek, Del Mar (south jetty at Camp Pendelton)—(3-4, occ5-6ft)


That board handles all the different waves so well.


My limitations:

  • Heavy—215lbs
  • Bad knees—a lifetime of soccer, acl/mcl damage in both
  • Old guy—46yrs
  • Skill-level: professional intermediate—okay on frontside, marginal on backside

…but…so stoked on surfing and enjoying God’s creation and more than ever having fun in the waves thanks to the Proctors!



Love the paddle-power without feeling like I’m on a too-large-board.

Love the speed it generates.

Love the quick-turn-responsiveness.


Very versatile:

  • On the 2-3ft mushier waves, the paddle-power was amazing—got me into some small waves, then (when I got to my feet) it generated down the line speed and kept the speed going through the turns.
  • On the head-high point break waves, it gave me the confidence that I was going to get into the wave early, get to my feet and start down the line and enjoy the energy of the wave without fearing I’d get too far behind the wave. Even on my backside/weaker-side, I pulled off some good bottom turns, kept the speed up, then went to hit the lip and then get going back down the line—actually did that a couple times…very unusual for me! (I’m still really weak on my backside, but this board helped me get some momentum to do it AND not lose the wave if I didn’t hit it exactly right…kept me going and enjoyed some longer rides than I’ve had in the past!)
  • On the 2-3ft, pitchier-beach break waves, it got me into the wave early, handled the steep drop and kept me feeling comfortable in the pocket.  I even managed a few hard-snaps off the lip that surprised me—it’s very responsive!


Thanks again!

In Christ, your brother

Chris // 6’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ MonstaChief