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Lighter, faster, and tougher than any boards I’ve surfed



Just wanted to let you know the boards work!

Lighter, faster, and tougher than any boards I’ve surfed.

Always in control.

Just got back from Hawaii where my pops has been rockin the monsta (lovin it) and I picked up a floaty greased rascal, surfed some of the best aina haina/south shore ever with my best brahs and dad every dawn patrol everyday. Love it…

Then got back to NY to a pumping all time massive beast coast swell on my 5’7″ monsta, carbon rails stringerless!

Board is beyond amazing… Saw so many snapped boards, but this thing doesn’t have 1 pressure ding!!!

Unreal. So stoked, thanks for the boards, Enjoying the ride!

Thanks for the passion that you put into every board! I feel the good vibes every time I hold it!

Sincere mahalo from the heart”
-Makana 32/5’7″/165-170lb/20 yrs exp/for NY, east coast & Hawaii
5’7 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/16 #monstasurfboard #carbonfootprintsurfboard #surferfeedback