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jetstream-logoshaper breakdown

Jetstream [Hydrofoilized concaves]

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The Jetstream is a new paradigm for the everyday board that uses hydrofoil-esque concaves to generate smooth controllable speed, creating an incredibly drivey board with unparalleled control … transforming previously redlining top speeds into regulate-able, turbulence-free smooth speed.. This hull contour is a paradigm shift for surfers of all ages, skill sets u0026amp; abilities

Jetstream hydrofoilesque concaves can be incorporated with any of our board models


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shaper’s note:

So we are calling it the “jetstream”. The raw concept involves such design components as ‘the beerbelly” rail line rocker, the ‘inverted fulcrum’ shift in the centerline curve, and a hull contour that gathers all the elements together in a ‘hydrofoilesque’ tearing away at the extra guts and unnecessary foam that impedes water travel through the engine of the board. All the innards have been torn asunder from the belly, releasing a beastly engine that allows water’s most natural state to torpedo through a foil unhindered. I am excited to explain more about this, what I feel to be a breakthrough concept allowing boards to hover with less friction; glide combined with rail line control that is unprecedented. There have been such a succession of brainstorms over the last six months it has driven me into a bit of a recluse situation in the shaping room. But there it will not remain for we recently brought a batch down to Central America for a research and development mission to test the various theories. What was discovered was the stuff of smiles and an eagerness to share. Stay tuned as the sunshine appears to be procuring forth the thought processes stirring from months in the recesses of that still, small, quiet, mostly dark room of solitude that is called the shaping room.

Ask for Jetstream hull contours on your next board

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