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I’ve never enjoyed surfing like I have on the Proctor boards!


Now that I’ve surfed the MonstaChief in varied conditions, different types of breaks, I’ve got a little more to say than “wow!”

I’ve never enjoyed surfing like I have on the proctor boards!

Intermediate surfer, 47yrs old, bad knees due to a lifetime of soccer, 210lbs.

I had some old boards that were okay, but I wanted to see what good board felt like–but–didn’t have the money to throw away “testing” one.  Met Todd, he let me borrow one–loved it…ordered my first Proctor–the Journey began…

Hence…the Chronicles of a Middle-Aged Pastor-Grom…

Sept 2011–

My 6’6′ x 21″ x 2 7/8″ Pavote got me back into surfing after a long haitis–

rediscovering the thrill of gliding along the pristine walls of water.

The board has incredible paddle power, fun carving lines, down the line speed–

connecting sections I would have never made in the past, and handled remarkably in 8′-10′ CStreet winter swells.

My skills and confidence and stoke surged.

Dec 2012–

After a good year of progressing, I was ready to step up my game (I hoped!)  Met with Todd & Charissa and voila, a new board was born.

My 6’4″ x 21″ x 2 7/8″ Monsta is amazing…

at some of the more technical local breaks, this board has helped me navigate the steeper drops and pull off quicker and harder snaps.

This board makes me feel like I can pull off harder turns in more critical conditions–that previously intimidated me.  The stoke grew!

June 2013–

With the weaker summer swells, I was looking for a board that would give me the paddle power of my Pavote yet the responsiveness of my Monsta.

Todd let me borrow one of his new MonstaChiefs for a few weeks.  Loved it–bought it.

My 6’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ is pure joy!

I’ve surfed Oceanside, Salt Creek, HB, Secos, Strand, Shores, CStreet, Faria–from 2ft to 8ft–and

this board truly is the one-board-quiver.

The board fits each of the locations and gives me all the paddle power, speed, quick responsiveness, great carves, etc that I could ever hope for.

In crowds, this board helps me find waves even amongst the lightweight, energetic groms.
In steep takeoffs where simple mistakes lose long & fast & fun rides, this board provides a stable takeoff and can immediately fly.
In sloppy conditions, it has the speed & power to keep in the wave and fight through the chop.
When getting too excited & outrunning a section, it delivers speed-holding, rail-carving turns to get back to the wave and enjoy the re-form.

The coolest thing–I’m getting better slowly but surely.  Floaters, barrels, snaps off the lip, long carves…backside…bigger waves.  Wow!

Obviously, I could go on…

Thanks Todd & Charissa for such a fun return to the Journey…the boards are great–but you all there at the factory are better!

your pal, Chris

6’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ MonstaChief