It’s the best of both worlds, a groveler and a shredder

Hi Charissa,

Comment: I am loving the Scarecrow!

I think it’s my new favorite board.

It grovels really well, goes super fast, goes vertical and can carve a mean turn as well as do a whipping turn.

It is so stable when I hit the lip too!

It’s the best of both worlds,

a groveler and a shredder but seems

to do well in good size surf as well.

Hope your trip was a good one!

Paul    age:38 ht: 5’9″ wt: 170-175 lb
5’10” x 19 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ Proxy Scarecrow

about a year later

Hi Todd and Charissa,

I had such a fun lil sesh on my Scarecrow yesterday (fri) at the Point at Fairgrounds. Fun lil 3-4′ south peelers.

I pulled a mini front side air! I can’t even remember the last time I even thought of doing an air.

On another wave I had so much speed

I laid into the heaviest wrapping cutback

that I’ve ever done!!

I saw a bunch of Proctors out there and saw/talked to your friend Chris (daughter is sponsored by you). He rides your El Pavote. I’ve talked to him before and he is super pumped on your equipment as I am.
Then I hit the Fillmore skate park and no one was there so I worked the bowls section for a while, so fun on Da Monsta.

My rail surfing has improved tremendously from all of my skating,

especially from riding all the transitions at the skate parks.

My legs haven’t felt tired this whole winter thanks to Da Monsta, my upper body needs more attention now.

Thanks again for producing the BEST boarding equipment out there!!!

Paul Jorgensen