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It’s 100% the best board that’s ever been under my feet

She’s home!! Wife’s already jealous from the attention this new baby has had!

She’s a real beauty! If she goes half as well as she looks and feels then I definitely have a magic board!!

You guys packaged it perfectly!! Best $20 I’ve ever spent.

There was no way that board could have been damaged, it arrived across the Pacific in perfect condition!!

I’ll give you both more feedback once I get it salty on the weekend. Thanks again for making an epic board! Chat soon


Hey Todd & Charissa,

Finally got my new G4+ salty back in Australia! What can I say but I’m completely stoked!! I asked for a magic board and you completely delivered on that one!

It’s 100% the best board that’s ever been under my feet and I’ve had a few over the last 21 years of surfing.

It goes exactly like you said. Paddling is super efficient & easy, getting waves feels like cheating it’s so easy,

but the real magic happens once your up on your feet!

The board just comes alive straight away, you think of a move and your already doing it,

if you want to surf tight in the pocket you can with ease & control, or if you prefer to step on the gas get ahead of the section and lay in a cutty consider it done with this magic stick. I surfed it today in head high plus point break down near Bells with some great Easter swell & this board just shined.

Felt super stable, predictable & ridiculously fast, yet could get super loose with ease!

I also took it out on small shifty beach breaks and it was just as insane!

Anything from shoulder high to below knee high that day and it performed amazing!

It’s just so good to have a board that gets me super stoked with every wave I get!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a board that could do that & nothing has compared to how good this new g4+ magic board performs.

So thank you Todd & Charissa, you guys rock, this board was totally worth the effort in getting it back home to Australia! Take care & God bless you both!

Al // Bells // Australia //36/5’11.5″/155lb

G4+: 5’10” x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/4″