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it was a smooth transition from longboards to shorter

hey this is Johnny…  got back from Spain and Portugal …  I loved the board !!! j-hirsch1

it’s a very smooth board and it was a smooth transition from longboards to shorter

I got comfy on it,

I might be getting a shorter one in the future.

here are a few pics.

If you guys have not been to Portugal I highly recommend Lagos it was amazing!!

amazing people, surf, and environment

Jonathan // 25/5’9″/175lb/ transitioning from longboard to shortboard / for Europe and San Diego

Monsta (sleeked up MonstaChief) 6’8″ x 21″ x 2 7/8″ squash




Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?  Give a surfboard gift card! Option to consult with the shaper, Todd Proctor, when...

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Fish Project:

Three fishes, same dims, same outlines, same rails, same glass, same blank, three slightly different tail rockers, one different tail, one with glass-ons and a...

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A study in channels

In this slide show are three different channel bottoms. Each of them has a different combination of channels to make each board do different things....

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Thruster vs. Quads

Thruster vs. Quads (….Five fin convertible set-ups….when to ride thruster? When to ride quad?) When trying out a new board with the five fin convertible...

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A tale of longevity

Here’s a tale of longevity: This board was made eight years ago. It’s a standard poly construction, but made with care and attention to detail....

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