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Custom Built in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

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It seems to knock the chop down and grip the wave even in these less than ideal conditions

It has been two years since I got my G4+ & the Titanium construction feels so much different than any poly or epoxy board I have ridden.

I’ve ridden it in 1/2 foot atlantic mush all the way to overhead hurricane swells here in Maine and it handles it all. In the small stuff it has speed right off of the takeoff and is really quick off of the front foot. It is amazing how the flex brings the board around in cutbacks in gutless surf.

At first I rode it with fins that were too small but as soon as I put larger fins it in it came alive in bigger swells holding through turns and helping me complete the best carves I have ever done.

We deal with a lot of below average or windswept conditions and other epoxies I’ve ridden chatter and become hard to control, not this board. It seems to knock the chop down and grip the wave even in these less than ideal conditions.

We have a local point break that can get really crowded and if you look like you might miss a section or don’t sit deep enough it can be tough to get waves out there. I’ve put on some weight since I’ve gotten the board but it still paddles well and gets in early.

When its waist to head high at the point, this board just projects down the line and connects section after section right around shoulder hoppers and people waiting to drop in.

For an all around board, nothing beats the G4+.

Every time I surf this board I feel that I have the potential to do something new or push myself and advance my skills and, most importantly, my enjoyment in the water.

I love what Proctor Surfboard stands for and I just wanted y’all to know that even from across the country in Maine y’all are making a difference in the experience of average surfers like myself.

Thank you for being unafraid to do things your way and making such an effort to produce these special boards. I attached a few photos from awhile back, nothing special to pros, but special for a guy like me.

Best wishes,
Jake” | 21/5’10″/170+/Kennebunk Maine

5’10” x 18 5/8″ x 2 1/4″ 26L G4+ Titanium II