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it has helped my surfing and enhanced my enjoyment of surfing

This week I will talk a little about a joyous topic…”Getting a new board” ….I say “getting” because there are different ways to come about this new toy:

you could “buy” a new board or you could be “given” a new board.

I suppose you could “find” a new board, (but you could also “find” a million bucks…could happen…buuuut, probably not)…maybe “borrow” a new board (but payback is a beotch)..perhaps “win” a new board (if your last name is Slater) or you could be “sponsored” (see Slater) and get all the darn boards you want….for most of us its either “buy” or its a “gift”…If you have ever “bought” a new board the task can be daunting (big word!!)….

do you get a “short board”, a “long board”, a “thruster”, a “fish”, a “gun”, a “fun shape”, what “length”, what “thickness”, what “width”, now you hear what “volume” (this one goes to “elev-en” said in my best English Spinal Tap voice), what type of “glass” do you get, what material is the board “epoxy”, “carbon” , “wood”???…what type of waves do you generally surf, “point break”, “beach break”, “heavy” waves, “mushy” waves, “dumpy” waves….see what I mean??…

my best advice (especially if you are new to surfing) is to go to your local surf shop, maybe Indian Summer/Upper Deck and talk with someone who will ask the right questions and help you find a board that “works” for you…after some experience you will figure out the various types of boards that work and you can go back and hopefully find a “magic stick”.

My “Magic Stick” is currently a 5 fin designed 5’10” (length) 19 3/4″ (width) 2 5/8″ (thickness), carbon railed short board made by “Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom” and is called  “The Monsta”.

The board is totally “sick” and I feel like it has helped my surfing and enhanced my enjoyment of surfing (if that’s possible).

The shaper/owner of Proctor Surfboards is named Todd Proctor and he and his super nice wife Charissa operate from Ventura, California.  They have a wonderful business philosophy and take great care and pride in helping to design a custom board that will maximize your enjoyment of surfing.

The really exciting part of getting a board from Proctor Surfboards is that you actually get to talk with Todd before the board is custom built

and he will help you come up with a design that he believes will be the best fit for you and the type of waves you surf. The whole experience of getting to be involved in creating the board is really enjoyable and getting to surf your new board is like Christmas Day, winning the lottery and getting married all in one!!!  I have just been “given” by my wonderful wife the opportunity to order a new board from the Proctors and I cannot wait to connect with them to design another “Magic Stick”!  Check out the Proctor Website at…you will not be sorry!