Custom Surfboards Built in Ventura, California since 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

it blew my mind, performed so well and was the most durable board I’ve ever seen

I was looking at old surf trip photos whilst trying to refrain from going for a surf instead of being inside all day and I came across photos of when I had my 5’9 proctor pipsqueak.

I’m from Uruguay but I bought the board from Ricky at the beginning of a trip to Cali at a used surfboard sale at the patagonia store in santa monica.

I used the board for the whole trip and a couple more years and i absolutely loved it, hands down the best board I’ve ever had, it was constructed from your carbon footprint  material and it blew my mind, performed so well and was the most durable board I’ve ever seen.

Then as i grew (was about 17yrs old when i bought it) and put on a few pounds I passed on to my brother who used it for at least a year and also loved it. I’m pretty sure he still uses it every now and then. 

Im 21 now living in Sydney, Australia studying veterinary medicine and not in a financial position to buy a new board but if theres one board I’d order if given the chance let me tell you it’d be a pipsqueak in carbon footprint material. 
Just wanted to share some love as I have great memories from that board.
Hope everyone in the proctor family is staying safe. 
Oh and attached are some photos of the pipsqueak in action!! 

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