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I’m in a confused state of euphoria

Dear Todd and Charissa,
This is Ahiena from Hilo, Hawaii. I got my 6’1″ El Pavote about a month ago and have been riding it since then and

I’m so blown away by the board that

I’m in a confused state of euphoria –

almost lost as to my whereabouts! I’ve been surfing for about 15 years now, and boogie boarding 4 years before that. I grew up in the ocean and lived around the ocean all my life and rode everything from a piece of plywood to a couple of custom-made quivers.

I have to say that before I got the El Pavote, I thought that in my life I’ve rode a handful magic boards.

But after riding the El Pavote, I realize that I’ve only had one magic board besides the El Pavote and it was a Channel Islands. The proxy s-glass floats me and my bigger frame like no other board has, especially at 6’1″!

And it puts me where I want to be on a wave

and whatever I imagine I want to do, it takes me there!

Thank you for the truly magic board – you’ve gained a lifetime customer. I’m already thinking about a big boy Greased Pig for our sloppy, mushy conditions out here in Hilo on the Big Island.

Mahalo nui Todd and the Proctor crew!
Proxy epoxy El Pavote: 6’1″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ round winger w/ concave deck
4 parabolic channels


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