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I’m having fun riding waves I had previously discounted

I just had a fantastic session on the Rascal II at Manresa (beach break South of Santa Cruz) in waist to shoulder high waves, slight onshore winds…..

that board seems to work for me in just about all conditions and I’m having fun riding waves I had previously discounted as “probably not so-fun-to-surf” in the past.

Anyway, had a great session and lots of fun on the Rascal II, easy to catch waves, lots of fun sharp turns and even getting a smoother cutback going on those gutless waves…….

objectively, given the conditions and how I felt at the time before paddling out,  it seemed the Rascal II was more responsible for the fun surfing I ended up experiencing than my baseline ability would normally allow!  I really like that board.

Tucker // Santa Cruz // age: 42 ht: 6’3 wt: 180 exp: 5 yrs
6’2″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 5/8″ moontail Proxy [super-duty] Rascal II