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I was skeptical about the EPS but it felt perfect

Hey Todd,

I am so stoked on the Scarecrow!!!! After seeing you Sunday morning we actually surfed Shores for about 35 mins. because because my friend Duke and his son were short on time and wanted to paddle out there. It sucked but I actually got 5 good ones and felt how the board worked.

We then went to Silver Strand and surfed the middle and it was actually really fun. Just Dirk and I and a SUPer for about 2 hours.

The board worked so good. I cracked the lip several times and hit it hard.

I felt the speed of the board and did some good cutbacks as well. I rode it as a tri with my Solus fins and they worked so good.

I was skeptical about the EPS

but it felt perfect,

I almost wish my Monsta and G4 were EPS. Your boards have definitely brought out the best of my surfing!

Thanks again for making killer boards and running such a respectful business!

Hope to see you out in the water again soon!



Can you tell Todd that the color came out so good (best looking board I’ve ever had) and my friends were tripping on how well it turned out!

You both are so great to work with, much appreciated!