I was also surprised to find how well the board nose rides

I figured I should finally give you some feedback on the longboard you shaped me at the end of the summer.  My wife and spent all of November in Costa Rica so I finally got some good surfing in on the new board, and it surfs GREAT!  The board is just what I was looking for;

it’s fast and very responsive.

I really like the pin tail and

the board turns really smooth.

I was also surprised to find how well the board nose rides.

I’m still trying to get the quad fin set up figured out, but I do like how hard the board carves with the four fins set up.  I think I’ll primarily surf the board with the three fin set up but I would still say the quad fin set up was worth the money, and

I really like having the option of

switching things up and getting a totally

different feel out of the board if I want it.

I’m really looking forward to taking the board out and surfing it on some nice big and mushy PNW waves, we only had two days of head high waves in CR, but I can already tell its going to surf great here at home as well.

Thanks again,
-Seth Garske, Seattle, WA
Custom Proxy Performance Noserider
9’0″ x 22 7/8″ x 2 7/8″ roundpin with 5 fin install