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I ride it in 2 foot slop to overhead and it goes awesome

Hi Todd,
How are you Divine Shape Master? I ordered a poly Rascal II with my friend Mark Hsu (who ordered a Greased Pig) last year from you and had them shipped to Taiwan, and

the boards have been the magic carpet

we’ve been searching for for the last 4 years,

I ride it in 2 foot slop to overhead and it goes awesome.

Now I would like to have something that surfs more like a regular short board but still have the groveler qualities too. My friend Steve Lin also ordered a Greased Pig(EPS) and he and I are about the same build (5’9″, 190 pounds, his EPS Greased Pig is 6’0″x19.5×2.5 with channels and 5-fin option). What dimensions would you make my Greased Pig if I ordered one? I would like to get the Proxy Epoxy version with the round elliptical channels and the five-fin option. I would like to have it shipped to my friend’s place in OC and he will bring it to taiwan for me.

Thanks so much for you input on this, take care and talk to you soon.
David Liu, Taiwan
Custom Rascal II: 5’10” x 20 1/8” x 2 1/2” full boxy rail
four parabolic channels & 5 fin install