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I no longer ride a longboard, because this board is just so much more fun

As you know, Todd shaped a Little Rascal for me about a year ago, so this is a relatively long-term review. I had always ridden longboards prior to getting the Rascal, so Todd made it large (7’3). It was a little bit of a jump from a 9′ board, but not bad.

Since that time, the Rascal has gotten to be my “all around” board.

It handles anything from knee high summer waves

to well overhead winter swell.

I found that I like riding it as a quad, because it holds well even on big surf and is really fast. The quads give the board a lot of drive and allow it to make sections that I cannot make on my shortboard thruster.

All of my longboard riding friends love the Rascal.

Todd built the Rascal as a Proxy and it has held up very well. To this point, it doesn’t even have heel dents on the top and virtually looks new. Since I’m retired, I ride this board almost every day, so that is really saying something about the longevity of these boards.

This board became a transition board to ride thrusters and small fish.

I no longer ride a longboard,

because this board is just so much more fun.

It does everything my thruster (by another well known California shaper) does, only better. It is definitely my “go to” board for all conditions and travel.

Working with you and Todd has been great. Thank you for all of your help.

Dave Fesler, Pismo Beach, CA
Custom Proxy Epoxy Lil’ Rascal: 7’3″ x 22 5/8″ x 3″ swallow tail
Lokbox Quad setup, LBXT/LBXM 3.8