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I knew it was the board and not me that saved what I thought was a going to be a major fail

Hey Charissa,

Picked-up the 6’4″ MonstaChief from Hawaiian South Shore and got to surf it in 1-2+ ft. (Hawaiian scale) at Threes Waikiki yesterday.

The board catches waves so easily and I caught a ton of waves.

I rode it with the honeycomb AMT Futures fins and

the board had heaps of drive and speed.

What surprised me the most was how quickly the board recovered in a tail-slide (unintentional) cutback.

On that cutback, I thought I dug the inside rail and was about to backflop and waste the wave,

but, wow, the next thing I knew,

I was banking off the foam and shooting back down the line

In that instance, I knew it was the board and not me that saved what I thought was a going to be a major fail.

Todd really is a shaper extraordinaire,

please send him my regards.

Dominic,  Honolulu, HI
6’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ MonstaChief


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