I can’t quite compare it to anything I’ve ridden


Please excuse my French…but do tell Todd this boarding #&%$*@ rips!

I can’t quite compare it to anything I’ve ridden.

I’m not gonna lie…I thought this line was just some marketing jargon

“It’s like ‘free-friction’ meets ‘ultimate gougeability’ in a marriage of perfectly complementing design concepts”

That line describes the board BEAUTIFULLY.

I’ve now had it in knee high mush and in head high Windansea.  It pushes back in my bottom turn but releases so good at the lip.  It’s skate’y but sturdy.

I love it.

Brandon | San Diego, CA | 29/5’7″/160-165lb/intermediate

Hideoscillous || 5’4″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 5/16″