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I always think of the Proctor team and how truly amazing the boards are

Charissa, well your aim is dead on cuz you have blessed me tremendously and God truly did some amazing work pairing the two of you together, no doubt!

I haven’t surfed in two months due to schedule, family and then hurt shoulder but forced my self out this weekend. I surfed 2 x’s at Pitas Point and I am pretty sure that I caught some of the best and longest waves of my life.

I rode my Monsta both times

and felt that I surfed my best ever

and never fell or stuttered on my 100+ yard waves.

Getting to my feet wasn’t always pretty since my arms are so out of paddle shape but once up and going

the board was jamming and fluid.

The Monsta skate has kept me sane when I am out of the water that long and keeps my legs in shape as well as lets me go through the smooth carving motion.

My legs were so strong on those super long waves with lots of turns and floaters!!

I know you have probably got too much feedback from me by now but just know that

after every session I always think of the Proctor team and how truly amazing the boards are as well what great people you are!!

I have never thought about boards or the shapers in the past after having great sessions.


6’0″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ Monsta + Monsta Carver skate