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The board made me feel like a much better surfer than I am

Hey Guys,

I got home late last nite tired out after the last days of “test riding my new board”.

WOW!!!!!!! I could not believe my first ride. I felt like the board was connected to my brain.

It was awesome. The transitions from rail to rail were so smooth and quick. Turning from the tail was great.
It really was an effortless ride.
That was my first ride. I was, of course, quick to attribute it all to my superior skill level. However, as the days went on, I really came to appreciate how well the board rode.
Some of the qualities I really appreciated and what I had asked for were,
1. The board was very stable under foot.
2. Turns were quick and smooth
3. Speed was there and getting up the face and sticking that high line was cake.
4. I had a couple of late take-offs but no problem. A liitle weight shift and I rode the tail through the drop into a nice bottom turn. It never felt out of control.
5. The board just did not want to pearl even when I got my fat ass up front it rode beautifully. In fact I kept looking down at the nose thinking, “it should dive about now and send me over the nose if I don’t move”.
6. The board is really light but it has plenty of float and really easy to handle through the paddle out.
7. The board made me feel like a much better surfer than I am. I never had to fight it, it just did whatever I wanted.

I used an 8″ center fin (instead of 9″) centered in the box. Beautiful!
I still need to get used to a little harder, stronger paddle getting into the wave after my 10″ but that will come.

Needless to say, I really love this board and can’t wait to take it back to Costa Rica in June. Thanks so much for the great job!

Tony Beck, South Africa
9’6″ x 23 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ High Performance Longboard

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