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“Last Saturday we surfed a fun little wedge near home,” says filmmaker Chris Papaleo. “We got on it early and surfed all day. That’s a rare occurrence for this time of year. The waves usually blow out by 8am, but this day it stayed glassy until dark. It was nice to get some work done.”
Chris, y’see, is the man behind the overnight Vimeo sensation that is the Homegrown series. The formula is simple – show up to wherever’s best around Ventura, whenever day job allows, send pal Nick Rozsa out and let it roll. And watch the kid light up like a winning slot machine. The series was successful enough that it nabbed the attention of Kelly Slater, who Tweeted Chris asking, “Nick Rozsa – best unsponsored surfer?”
This is another instalment in that series. The day shown here may not be overly solid, but Mr Rozsa still gets it done, like always. “Nick was riding one of his Proctor carbon rail boards, which he seems to enjoy when he’s surfing on his backhand,” continues Chris. “This day was rad ’cause we’d been getting skunked all week, searching for inconsistent south swell leftovers to ride. Since we only have a small budget to work with or travel anywhere to find real waves, we were stoked to get this wedge for an entire day and be able to nail a few clips.”