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far surpassed any expectation I had for it

That yellow board is utterly amazing! I was in Costa Rica for a week, it was heavy and not the super great waves I wanted, but some good size. My Monsta worked like a charm, however I was not seeing the wave I wanted to try out my new G4, finally there was one day left and I took it out anyway

The waves at Playa Pelada were powerful but not too big, and not super great shape.

I caught my first wave and I was utterly elated, this board far surpassed any expectation I had for it.

It is truly a locomotive on rails, I instantly thought about he conversation I had with Todd, and why I got this board and I smiled big time.

Turned out to be the best surf session of the week, and the board just worked on every wave I got.

I am super stoked to have found your brilliant boards, they are just GENIUS!!! The ability you guys have to dial in a board is utterly amazing!!!

I look forward to my forthcoming GHOST!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Eric 46/5’11″/163lb
6’1 x 19 1/8 x 2 7/16 G4+ Celestial Transporter Carbon Footprint Titanium II