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Even on small waves I can just whip the board around

Hello Todd/Charissa,
Just wanted to write, after a long delay (bought the board Oct 09), to tell you how much I love my hybrid performance funboard.

Returning to surfing after 20+ years,

this board has been a godsend.

I’ve been riding it a lot these past 10 months and it goes like a dream.

Fast, easy to paddle, super light and

full of life for a board of this size. (7’6″ x 21 1/4 x 3)

its been a great groveler in our weak S. China sea surf – espec for a big guy, beginner/intermediate surfer like myself (6’1″ 195 lbs). When the waves pick up the board is just incredibly fast – it gets much more maneuverable as the wave power picks up.

Even on small waves I can just whip the board around,

pull deep carves and pivot on the tail with ease.

Something I could never do on a similar size poly. And I can catch almost anything on this baby.

It has also held up to some punishment.

With the proxy titanium and kevlar the board

still has no visible dings, no noticeable

pressure dings on the deck, despite my

knocking it around more than once.

And even though the colors weren’t exactly what I ordered, it turns out I love the look and design more than what I requested!

All I can say is your design, service and obvious commitment to quality has made my re-entry to surfing super enjoyable. Next year I’m seriously considering getting my first shortboard from you – maybe something in the 6’4″x 2 1/2 x 19 range. Of course I’ll seek your advice first – like I did with this one.

Big thanks once again for helping my surfing progress,

and for making my time in the water

even more fun and rewarding.

Now, if I can only do something about our crap summer surf. But winter’s coming…

All the Best,
Norman, Hong Kong

Custom 7’6″ x 21 1/4 x 3 Proxy Titanium Series Performance Funshape



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