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I can feel that “bubble pillow” thing with the concaves.

Hey Todd,

The Lil Rascal is insane! After picking it up at your shop

I surfed ankle-to-knee C-Street, and that thing just zoomed, just like the video on your site.

Never thought a big guy like me (6’2″ 185) could get speed like that on such weak little waves. Last month I took it (and the 6’5″ D.Y.L.) down to El Salvador for the last South of the fall. I rode the 6’5″ until the swell started to drop, then had three of the funnest days riding the Rascal on a waist high reef, having the time of my life flying down the line and ducking into little coverups while the rest of my bros just complained about the small surf;-)watschke rascal

The Rascal is truly a magic board.

I can feel that “bubble pillow” thing with the concaves.

One little pump and it just lifts and goes! So stoked on it!

I’m on the North Shore now for the rest of the month. My biggest problem has been reaching for the Rascal when the conditions call for a bigger board, but that thing is so fast, as long as I make the drop I can speed down the line!!!

Here are some pics from yesterday.

Thanks for making me a great board and Merry Christmas!

Jon Watschke, 33, Manhattan Beach, CA
Proxy custom Epoxy 6’0″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ Lil’ Rascal Round Nose Fish
5 fin setup: MRTX Natural Glass Flex Quad & MRTX Twin with Trailer

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