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the verdict is a true spoiler,fast and loose and catches wave easily

well we finally got waves here on Maui was a terrible summer and start of fall. when i first recieved the new board it was a step up from your other epoxies that you made for me in overall look..But i did not want to ride it until we got some quality waves.

the verdict is a true spoiler,fast and loose and catches wave easily and no learning curve fits like a glove.

everyone that has seen it has been impressed showed it to Tom Parrish [legendary perfectionist]and he had that look that said plenty without comment.the proboxes are kind of interesting what would have been your set for fins in degrees? tried the 0,4 and 6 degree inserts so far and the board did not work magically till i put in the 6 degree inserts , maybe too many possibilties as we talked magic to complement your board design are 6 degree black inserts with fsc fiberglass slater 8 time world champ fins fast and this board the constuction in your video where i see a board being banged against a pole?or was that something newer.took out the 7’8 ante up on a bigger day and it also rode very well ,refoiled some futures to clone the slater fins and made the board work even better.anyway mahalo for the spoilers…

Ruben Gonzales, Hawaii
Custom Proctor Epoxy “PROXY” Surfboard: 7’4″ x 20 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ +.06 SR-71/Big Chief