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I’m glad to see that the hard work of many who have been looking at alternatives for years are finally getting recognition

Hi Todd,

To start with, I hope everything is going well for you up there in Ventura. With the sudden interest in epoxy technologies, I’m guessing you’re still really busy.

With all the surfboards you make, being that I have only ordered the one with you so far, you’re probably don’t remember me. I ordered my board at the beginning of the year, picked it up at the beginning of April, and am just now taking the time to write you an email. The board I ordered from you was a flexible-epoxy, 6’3” x 19” x 2.5” Groveler IV.P
I gave you a try because I had read and heard about your unique epoxy, and in light of the foam fiasco, decided to invest in someone trying to do something different. Because the board was made with something completely different from what I’ve ridden for the last 17 years, I was expecting it to take a while to get used to.

What I found is that right away I liked it.

It felt more lively and quick than my other boards, and not at all too stiff.

After a little while I was quickly able to utilize the unique rocker combination you have on this board. Because I’m a bigger guy, I have always ordered my boards wider and flatter for the average days to help with speed. However, now I realize that I was starting to go too flat, especially in the tail, because on your board I can step back and really pivot the board quickly, kinda like a skateboard. If I need speed, I just center my weight and take advantage of the flatter mid-section. The bump in the tail helps keep it loose, and by going less wide it feels quicker rail to rail.

So now I’ve had the board a few months and surfed it in all kinds of waves and conditions.

What’s been great is that the board still feels very alive, and I feel like I’m surfing better. I have even had someone tell me (actually the shaper who I used to get boards from) “that board really works good for you.” On top of that, I still have not had to fix one single ding.

A lot of my friends have started riding the EPS/Epoxy combinations and generally like them. Although that structure seems to yield even lighter boards than your flexible epoxy, they seem to not hold up as well.

I’m glad to see that the hard work of many who have been looking at alternatives for years are finally getting recognition. I admire the people who have been trying something different (with the exception of a certiain “pop-out” company and its owner).

Again, thank you for taking the time to talk over the details of the board and then providing exactly what I was looking for. I hope your innovations and technologies allow you to keep making great boards while also allowing you to make a good living. Keep up the good work- Pr. 22:29

Best regards,
Aaron Ross, 32, Ladera Ranch, CA
Proctor Custom Epoxy “PROXY” Series: 6’3″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 /12″ Groveler IV.p, Future Double Foil Composites

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