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I’ve found the board is flying on the quad mode


I’ve found the board is flying on the quad mode

which is good for when it’s either really small or else ledgy and barreling. You were right though, it doesn’t hook straight up and down like a tri. Used as a tri it is a little slower than the quad, but goes top to bottom easier for good rail to rail surfing. Your flexible epoxy is noticably livelier than the Surftechs and a good deal

lighter, too. I am absolutely stoked on your boardline and can’t wait to work on another couple.
Thanks for everything Todd and Charissa.

Take care and God Bless!

Paul Pence, 38, San Diego, CA
Custom 5’11” X 18 1/2″ x 2 3/16″ PROXY 5-fin

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Hey Todd,

I hope all is going well and you guys are getting tons of waves from this swell!!

I wanted to give you some feedback on the Blackbird, the best board I have EVER ridden.

This board is everything you said it would be and more. Since picking it up last weekend, I have ridden it at head high Trestles, head high Swami’s and 10-12 foot closed out Mission Beach (for a contest – not by choice). First off, this board is so fast right from the take off, I find myself confidently freefalling into waves five feet behind the peak and zipping right into position. When coming off the top, it releases like no other, actually pushing your lips higher and projecting you through the turns down the line. The tail will bust out insanely at times, especially on the backside, totally breaking free and reengaging for some pretty solid comments from people watching. I found moving the back foot up off the fins helps it go through the high tide mushy spots with no loss of speed and keeps it really manueverable. This may be the board of all boards, if you can think it, you can do it! It truly goes where you want it to. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their surfing to the next level! I’ll give you some feedback on the Greased Pig soon, but fortunately the waves haven’t been small enough for it yet! HA!

We had the fourth contest at solid 10 – 12′ Mission Beach yesterday and I had a near drowning incident involving EMT, lifeguards etc. It wasn’t the board, but instead the little string on the leash broke leaving me in a rip tide with no board, a filled wetsuit and a 6 wave set on the head. Despite my near tragedy, the Blackbird made it out of the carnage fine and I still made it to the finals even with the one wave I had in the semis.

I can’t believe the Blackbird sustained no damage – that foam must be kriptonite,

because I took the one that broke my brand new leash right on the back. The whole contest crew was on their feet watching and just in awe that the board didn’t break (not a scratch!). It was one of those scenes where everyone went, ‘Ohhhhhhh!’.

I am thinking of backing it up with an SR71 and maybe an Ante Up / SR71. Here are some thoughts / questions:

1) Would you recommend making any adjustments from the Blackbird to SR71 (length, width, etc) based on the differences between the two boards?
2) Would you recommend decreasing the widepoint of 18.5 if I went up by an inch to 6.1 for the SR71 or can I leave it alone?
3) On the Ante Up, if I get into a Big Rock / Point Mugu situation w/ a lot of water moving and offshores, do I want a PU w/ heavier glass or a Proxy?

Thanks Todd and Charissa for all the support! Check the shots of Braeden practicing his pig dog on the

Greased Pig!

God Bless,


Hey Todd and Charissa,

I’m stoked you guys got some juice from the last swell. Yeah, I’m alright, but did have to go to the ER for a bacterial infection in my lungs that didn’t crop up for several days.

I was able to paddle out today on the Greased Pig and I’ve got to tell you, you’ve hit another HOMER, man!

You are batting 1000 with my quiver so far, bro. That Greased Pig model just flies in the small stuff and even some sneaker overhead bowls that were making it through. I was getting 4 – 5 hits on waves and flying past sections others had no chance of making. It’s weird, but I feel like I’m looking at the waves a little differently on your boards. I’m feeling way more confident. If you take the high line on the Greased Pig, there aren’t many waves it won’t fly past!

It’s just a really fun board that makes surfing less than ideal waves amazing!

I can’t stop thinking about the SR71 and am thinking of backing up the Blackbird with a couple


What do you think of these dimensions?

Board 1

SR71, 6′ 0.5″, 11.25, 18 7/16, 14, 2 3/16 FCS, PROXY, standard squash, safety nose (blunt 1/2″ like you did on the Greased Pig)

Board 2

SR71, 6’1″ , 11.25, 18.5, 14, 2 3/16, FCS, PROXY, rounded squash, safety nose

Let me know on these 2. I’m firing to try them.


Hi Charissa and Todd,

The board made it safe and sound – I got it this afternoon. Wow, every one of your boards looks like it will ride more insane than the last!! I am so glad we went with a little shorter template – this board looks great!!!!

Thanks Todd and Charissa! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.