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Caught everything I paddled for

Hi Charissa & Todd,

So between grad school and work just killing me, I have had relatively no time to surf the Pipsqueak since I picked it up from Leon.  Snuck in the maiden voyage at south jetty on a windy evening sesh over a week ago,

and right away I was hyped!

Caught everything I paddled for, and got to feel out the rails a bit with a few carves and bashes.

Unfortunately, another week went by before I could even think about surfing.  Finally my school schedule maxed out on Saturday.  So Sunday and today sessions 2 & 3 went down at dawn, with a light little combo swell action and some offshore dub.

Waves were not quite as punchy as I hoped, and the water temp dropped big time, but again, the Pipsqueak did not disappoint.

It paddles great, I was able to rack off a couple of roundhouse to rebounds, and a hit a few lips when they were there.

The board basically feels unreal,

even in waves where I would normally ride more of a fish or a groveler.

I can’t wait for that punchy head to OH day to really feel what this board has to offer.

I am trying to get back more into short board shapes rather than fish or hybrid grovel boards.  I miss carving and bashing hard, and I am pretty sure this board is going to help me transition back to that!

I am super stoked on the board.

Todd is clearly a master shaper and a quality craftsman.

The board has a beautiful aesthetic, and has gotten compliments from many a harbor local already on both appearance and how light it is.

Thanks again and I look forward to picking up more boards from you guys in the future.  Since the wind is light and I have the time, I’m gonna go give this sucker a second session ripping right now!

Jeremy Kaiser // Oceanside, CA // 38/6’0″/200 lb

6’0″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ wing swallow Pipsqueak Carbon Footprint