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Catches waves like a long board, but still loves the barrel

Hi Todd and Charissa,

Just want to let Todd know my new Monsta goes insane! It’s better than the old Monsta in very sense.  Don’t know how you do it?  what is the design difference from the old Monsta?   Don’t have much time to surf with the new baby and my father just had a triple heart bypass.  Only took it out 3 times and really loving it.

So solid under your feet and turns on a dime.

Catches waves like a long board, but still loves the barrel.

Got diaper duty for a while and can’t wait to get back in the water again.  I guess you can’t go too thin with the Monsta design!

Keep up the good work and my Friend Will Ting from San Clemente whom you shaped a rascal 2.  Is thinking of getting the Monsta after visiting me in Taiwan and seeing the Monsta in action.

The waves were small and weak that day everyone else was riding fat retro boards or long boards.  The Monsta got in the waves just as easy but when there is a small pocket you can really smack it and it goes thru flat section like you would not believe.

No hopping, just move your weight forward

or carve rail to rail and it goes.

I was out of the water for a month and had no problem getting into those small weak waves

Amazing such small adjustments improves the performance so much.  Glad to be part of the progression.

Keep up the good work! Mark // Taiwan // 5’9″/155 lb // 5’6″ X 18 3/4″ X 2 1/8” Carbon Footprint Monsta v.2