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G-4.f [fulcrum]



shaper breakdown

Todd will be writing up the description of the nuances of the G-4.f any minute. But in the meantime, here are some excerpts from recent communications with surfers in which he has described it for your reading pleasure….
The F stands for “fulcrum” – I have been needing to write something up for this for a awhile now, but have just been really busy…..anyway, it is a slight rocker/ bottom curve change to the existing G-4.e….at the center point in the bottom curve (the fulcrum of the board), I have shifted the entry curve in the front half of the board down a touch, and correspondingly and to an equal degree increased the curve of the tail rocker throughout the back half of the board. Over the last year this has resulted in the most versatile high performance shortboard I am making right now. It allows for earlier entry into waves, quicker down the line, yet more responsive in turns and looser in the pocket…..drivier and looser with quicker paddling too basically. The SR-71 and Blackbirds are great when the waves hit that head high and plus mark, yet don’t have the same smaller wave (waist to shoulder high) speed bursts as the G-4. The Accelerator is just the opposite, it is unreal in waist to shoulder high, but not versatile like the G-4 in the head high and over range to run as clean. We actually just received a note from Tamayo Perry regarding a G-4.f that he has been riding…..and he says that it is the fastest most responsive and versatile shortboard he has ever owned….we were really stoked about that. He is a bigger guy too pushing 200lbs and he can throw the board around in small waves and still have it hold in 7 ft. Hawaiian scale.
This design is fairly new; about a year or so; and is a slight tweak to a design that I’ve been doing for quite some time…..the G-4.E.which is an insane board in it’s own right. The new G-4.f works so good though that it is my new favorite in the versatile high performance shortboard realm. This board utilizes a bit lower entry rocker and increased tail rocker…..this shift in the fulcrum of the boards bottom curve has opened up a whole new world of speed, performance and versatility. It gets into waves super easy and has quick down the line speed because of the lowered entry rocker through the chest area, yet it turns super fast and responsive due to the increased tail rocker. The bottom countour features a single concave with subtle double placed within the single that runs an even depth along the length of the board. This gives incredible drive, a wide open sweet spot and lets you push as hard as you want without a feeling of ever having to take your foot off the gas…..positive re-directional hold.

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