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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

ACCELERATOR L.E. [low entry]


shaper breakdown

Basically the same overall design as the original Accelerator, but with all the entry rocker dropped super low. This works surprisingly well as the board gains a whole new easy trim speed and glide between maneuvers. This is something kind of lost in surfing right now, and I’ve noticed with all the high flying super rad maneuvers that there is some weird wide stance wiggling going on that in my opinion is looks ugly. ….so, without taking the freakish fins flying maneuvers out of the equation, but adding a smooth stylish flow of speed to connect them, I’ve dropped the entry down, left plenty of rocker in the tail….and come up with a design that let’s you just stand there on the tail between maneuvers….without wiggling or wide-stancing it….and let the speed flow roll while you set-up to mega blast the next vert ramp that comes your way.  This board is best in your average waist to shoulder high, slopey and less than favorable conditions, but also goes mental in good waves too.