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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Todd's proprietary epoxy/eps construction

Proxy epoxy / EPS

Proxy Epoxy standard construction includes the following:

1 >> proxy epoxy composite :::

High Impact Hybrid Foam Core  // [a lightweight virgin bead foam that yields a higher compression strength and has very limited water absorption if dinged and is not so light that it causes unwanted chattering buoyancy]

2 >> s-glass :::

S-glass is the highest-grade fiberglass available and will make any board significantly stronger.   It is available in 4oz. and 6oz.

3 >> Hybrid/Epoxy resins :::

engineered for maximum break strength, as well as a “loaded” rebound response characteristic, we use a unique blend of resins that yields an ultra-white uv stabilized aesthetic

Four Custom Glassing Options:

RIDICULITE – fright-light, crazy flex, ultimate performance, about twice as strong as a poly

TEAMLITE – ultralight, crazy flex, ultimate performance, 2-3 x stronger than a poly

MIDDLEWEIGHT – best strength to weight ratio, 3-5+ x stronger than a poly

SUPER-DUTY – indestructo, 5+ x stronger than pretty much any board out there

Proxy epoxy Care & Ding Repair:


Care for your Proxy surfboard simply consists of keeping it watertight; ie. If you do get a ding, just allow it to dry out and then repair it with epoxy resin specifically made for surfboard repair; or if you take it to a shop to repair, make sure you let them know to use epoxy resin. That’s it. Also, use the same common sense care you would for a polyester board, just don’t leave it laying in the sun. If you have any questions, let us know. 

Proxy epoxy Upgrade Options:

Options performance enhancements or unique characteristics can be achieved with various tweaks to our standard Proxy epoxy construction

Optional Upgrade >> Ridiculite Carbon Reinforced :::

crazy flex, ultimate performance

Optional Upgrade >> High Density Foam Stringer :::

for an alternative flex characteristic


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