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Custom Built in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

poly: polyester/polyurethane

traditional surfboard construction

the standard polyurethane foam & fiberglass + polyester resin that has been used for the past 75 years in surfboard building
>> We use the highest grade blanks, fiberglass & resin available if you want to stick with the poly/pu traditional construction <<

poly pu surfboard construction

Upgrade options


S-glass is the highest-grade fiberglass available and will make any board significantly stronger. It is available in 4oz. and 6oz.

Carbon Tail Patches

strategic reinforcement for the tail of the board with carbon patches where your back foot comes down or from duckdiving, which heltps to prevent that area from crushing in, adding longevity & keeping the flex alive

Carbon Stringer Patches

allows for using a lighter weight foam for the shape + teamlite glassing that gives the board a really lightweight springy feel but adds significant strength by reinforcing the stringer area of the board with carbon


For those of you who want your board to be as light as we can possibly get it… common with WQS u0026amp; WCT surfers who desire maximum performance over longevity. You  know who you are.