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beginning the journey

i’ve been at witch’s rock for a a few days.. stayed an extra week… b/c its awesome.

waves are amazing.. instructors are really cool… i was walking out with my board… some locals came up and asked… ” is that a custom board… we’ve seen these a few times.. what’s the name?” so i explain… they asked about logo.. i explained… they laughed.. saying “that’s cool bro”.

they were looking at both of our boards real close.. they totally understood to design etc… very smart guys..

so we’re having a blast with the boards.

thanks so much… boards are crazy… i may get a long board from you some day…

daniel is killing it. going down the line now…

It’s funny.. When Daniel paddles for a wave some adults are faster than him.. But once he pops up.. Wooosh, he races past them.. Lol.

The monster is good in all waves.. It’s been small the last couple days.. It he’s still popping up just fine.

I was having trouble with my pop up in LA… Instructor fixed it on the first day.. He had me pop up on the sand to check me out.. Soon as I popped up, he says “boom, there it is, I found your problem”. He points at my feet, I look down down, my front foot, my right foot, was landing to the right of the stringer. He made me pop up 6-7 more times.. Made me get it right before he even took me out. He worked with me out there fixing other problems.. I’ve been popping up fine ever since. He’s awesome. Pako, is his name.

Glad you love the pics!! And again, thank you guys so much!!


Earl // Los Angeles, CA // 43/6’0″/195-205 lb // Proxy epoxy Manatee II 8’0″ x 22″ x 3 1/4″

Daniel // 14/5’8.5″/129 lb

beginning the journey

Daniel Hibbert

my turn. lol.  i’m getting used to it now.. Love it!!! its Fast!!!  -earl.

Earl Hibbert




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