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Basically, this is the most stoked I’ve been on a surf board. Ever.


Hi Charissa and Todd,

Happy Thanksgiving to you both and the crew at Proctor Surfboards. I was waiting to send this feedback b/c I was thinking about

how to best articulate my stoke on the Greased Pig llI…

Basically, this is the most stoked

I’ve been on a surf board. Ever.

I take Nick Rosza’s point on no board being “magic”, as it comes from within the rider, but having the right equipment is a big plus.

First, this board is aesthetically a beauty queen. Great template, rocker, foil, weight and volume – perfect for me and the volume was exactly what I wanted. Even with all of the above though, I wasn’t sure if it would ride as well how as

the original Greased Pig that has been such a great board that I’ve been riding for 4+ years.

Then, during my first session on the GP III, on the first wave, I knew….

it just went like the first only better –

faster and with better bite (and paddles better too).

I don’t know how there could be a better everyday, go-to board for me. This is it.

I feel like the only thing holding me back on this board is my ability, but at the same time its helping me progress on my journey of surfing.

And its so cool to know that b/c of the proxy construction, it won’t “die” after a year like a PU/PE.

I’ll still be riding and progressing with the same board for several years – that’s cool to me.

Many thanks for the dream board.

Clay | 46/5’10″/150lb/interm/San Diego

5’10” x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ 25.7L #greasedpigsurfboard #oneboardatatime #personalattentionmatters