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Barreling a/frames that the rascal ll with bonzer fins ate up

Sorry for the long period of time without a reply. the surf has been rather flat here since I received my Rascal II but today we have a nice ground swell and wind conditions to test spanky out.

I love it and my surfing friends have also tried the Rascal out!

I love it, easy to catch waves and

really flies when the wave starts hollowing out.

I also really love the tail section. Beautiful channels!!!

Going to try my fcs bonzer fins soon that should be interesting. When I figure out our new camera Ill send you a couple of pictures!!         peace Ray

The weekend of june11-13 was music to our ears. Dirty dozen brass band from neorleans came to town and we danced to that street music of treme!!

early sunday brought head high, offshore winds, 59′ water cloudy rainy beautiful day. A friend and I made it out at 5:30 am and surfed for 4 hours to ourselves.

Barreling a/frames that the rascal ll with bonzer fins ate up!!!

Wish you all could have seen it.The back side lefts were unreal. My friend stated many times that
“you have that board wired now”, and “wow when you hit that lip I saw the whole board; I could see spanky!!”

Try the fcs bonzer fins out on the Rascal ll;

no center fin just the bonzers 4 fins,

keep your foot back on the tail and explore!!!

Love this board!!

Peace, Ray, 60, ht: 5’10”, wt: 155 lb; Nags Head, North Carolina

Custom Proxy Epoxy Rascal II: 6’3″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″
w/ four parabolic channels and 5 fin option install