at the reef I felt like I was walking on water

Dear T&C,

I am writing to review THE APACHE. As a guy with 18 years in the water, lately, I have been on the search for boards that challenge my sessions and style. Don’t get me wrong but, a good shorty definitely has its time and place in space.

The Apache is just as it spells itself out to be…a compact vessel that can take off and/or land anywhere that the pilot decides at a moments notice.

So far I have surfed it in clean overhead point break surf, very large reef surf and my fave chest high shred baskets. In the point stuff the board allowed me the speed to pick and choose what corners I wanted to bank off of, at the reef I felt like I was walking on water and the chest high beach stuff I was able to hack it up and keep up with the groms.

Rider Specs: Age: 32 H: 5’10 Lbs: 205 Exp: Adv.
Apache Specs: 5’9” x 20 3/8 x 2 3/4

I ordered my board with the concave deck for a unique feel. It takes a lot of the foam out of the deck, which is why Todd suggested to order it at least 1/4” thicker than normal. If you are a beginner or are looking for paddling power I would not suggest the concave deck. For those daring to try the concave deck I think it feels really different. It puts you closer to the water and has a cradling effect under your feet. The back foot area almost feels like two gas pedals and are very sensitive. Also, the mid rail areas really give you something to hold onto in critical areas. I ordered mine with quad futures only. I would suggest ordering with a 5 fin option for experimentation purposes.

Thanks Todd and Charissa for your stellar work!

Justin Bordy

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