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a real crowd Killer

9” Futures Tiller on 7’4” Sicks Shooter at Cottons yesterday was a real crowd Killer. That’s the fin I wanted to try 1st and that package was amazing … so smooth, such glide, and then BAM put that tail on rail for some most excellent cuttys.

Thought it would be a big fin for that board but it was a perfect setup and the six channels made it very sensitive and responsive especially with that long thin flex tip fin. Board is fabulous thank you 1M just what I wanted. Yesterday was very first session on the board so going to try a few smaller fin variations for kicks and giggles … loosen up some for variation. Cottons should be firing next couple weeks and that’s the primary spot I had in mind when putting this beauty in the works so very excited to have more time in the water playing with it.

As always, masterful classy stuff going on with y’all up there in Ventura and nothing outside of more time in the water has impacted my surfing more than the boards I starting buying from you 7 years ago. Wow, has it been that long? Cheers and have a safe sane Independence Day celebration. Me? Gone fishing … those bluefin are out there!


Notice J-Bay above the rack? 🙂 Gosh I wish I had a MonstaChief the day I surfed supers.

Derek 6’2″/240-285lb | Bullet / Sickle “Sicks Shooter” 7’4″ x 23″ x 3 1/4″ thumb Proxy epoxy [middleweight] 63L



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