I am truly amazed at how Todd is able to create a craft that is so in tuned to the surfer for whom it was created

dominic-jumbo-jet-wood-floorAloha, Had a chance to surf the 6’4 #JumboJet #MonstaChief in waist-high-to-just-over-head, summer-like, south shore Oahu surf this past weekend.

On my first takeoff, in the blink of an eye she was already at top speed.

Took a few more waves for me to adjust to this sensation, and to figure-out where to place my back foot on the wide, trash can lid tail. There were a few other minor adjustments I had to make, but once I got dialed-in,


For my age, weight, fitness level, and the little amount of time (4-6 hours per week) that I spend in the lineup, the board is everything I hoped she would be.

Plenty of volume for easier paddling, earlier takeoffs, and blazing speed;

every dimensional aspect of the board (bottom contour, plane shape, rail shape, etc.) for sporty performance (rail-to-rail, top-to-bottom surfing and/or drawn out carves); and advanced materials and construction for strength and durability.


She is a thing of beauty and my one-board quiver for waves ranging from ankle-snappers to overhead dream waves.

Mahalo for keeping thestoke burning in me!” -Weekend Warrior

6’4 x 22 x 3 1/4 50L #jumbojet #monstachief #titanium2surfboard #carbonfootprintsurfboard with #grabrails with #trashcanlidtail | 57/5’9″/190-210lb

Just a short update to let you know that the board also works fantastic in the smaller stuff. The looseness and ability to generate speed even in knee-to-waist high waves is incredible, absolutely incredible.

This is the most versatile board I have ever experienced! 

Again, I am truly amazed at how Todd is able to create a craft that is so in tuned to the surfer for whom it was created. No doubt it’s a spiritual connection between shaper, surfer, and surf

Dominic | 57/5’9″/190-210lb | Oahu



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