Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom

Custom Built in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

Custom Built in Ventura since 1992

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His boards are the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford Taurus

I am always working on improving my surfing through training, eating properly and right living. All this is important but without a board that works properly…I hit a frustrating plateau. It wasn’t until I started riding Todd’s boards that I was able to make the break through that seemingly impossible barrier. Now after establishing a relationship, my boards (surfing and quality of life) keep getting better. My boards are finely tuned to my surfing. His boards are the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford Taurus. He makes me MAGIC boards that gives my surfing a renewed vigor and freedom to explore new territory on and off the wave face and allows me to improve at a measurable rate. This to me is huge. Surfing is a BIG part of my life and without GREAT boards it suffers. I have realized how important boards are. I am so thankful to Todd and Charissa! When I see WCT surfers getting 20 boards at a time and srcambling through the batch to find one magic board I see how blessed I truly am. Thanks be to Todd for walking in the calling he was created to walk in. Thanks be to God for creating Todd to walk in in that calling…