His boards are the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford Taurus


I am always working on improving my surfing through training, eating properly and right living. All this is important but without a board that works properly…I hit a frustrating plateau. It wasn’t until I started riding Todd’s boards that I was able to make the break through that seemingly impossible barrier. Now after establishing a relationship, my boards (surfing and quality of life) keep getting better. My boards are finely tuned to my surfing. His boards are the difference between a Ferrari and a Ford Taurus. He makes me MAGIC boards that gives my surfing a renewed vigor and freedom to explore new territory on and off the wave face and allows me to improve at a measurable rate. This to me is huge. Surfing is a BIG part of my life and without GREAT boards it suffers. I have realized how important boards are. I am so thankful to Todd and Charissa! When I see WCT surfers getting 20 boards at a time and srcambling through the batch to find one magic board I see how blessed I truly am. Thanks be to Todd for walking in the calling he was created to walk in. Thanks be to God for creating Todd to walk in in that calling…


All in the Family

Stoked surfer reports >> this just in: “This board is the best surf board I’ve ever ridden. Thank you for taking me to the next...

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