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Manatee Jetstream 5’6″ Disc

I had a request >> just shaped it:

For a 5’6” shrunk down version of a favorite 7’6”. My friend Spencer has this 7’6” x 22” x 2 3/4” #manateesurfboard which is basically a shrunk down sleeked up version of the Performance Longboard model.

Spencer does full wrapping cutbacks like a shortboard on the 7’6”, and layback hacks, and gets barreled on it, yet can even trim it out and still noseride it. He refers to his 7’6” as ‘Merlot’ because it has a dark burgundy resin tint. Spencer’s been asking me for awhile to do a small nouveau fishy yet fully future hydrodynamica version of ‘Merlot’…so I finally did it.

I shrunk it down to a 5’6” x 20” x 2 1/2” 31.5L disc. Cut in a #jetstreamsurfboard heavy single concave from nose to tail. Then handhaped in bevels/ chimes through the front 3/4 of the rail line rocker (to peel the water off the rails and keep it free and easy through turns like how an F-20 maneuvers three-dimensionally through gravitational voids), then I handshaped in deeper severe channeled sluiceboxes running through the back 3/4 of the hull. Then handshaped in a slot channel off the tail (to exhaust the compressed water kinda like a nozzle in a rocket…but with water as the fuel).

Slide 1 shows the engine. Slide 2 shows the body style of the vehicle. We’ll see what happens when the theoretical premises meet the rational real world’s laws that govern everything…sometime soon.


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